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Rusty Stringfield plays The Who - Slim's - October 23, 2014. Britgrass #3

The Britgrass crew is firing up the engines again, this time your favorite Bay Area bluegrass and string bands are going to be covering ALL your favorite British Invasion bands. The Rolling Stones, The Who, Led Zeppelin and more to be announced soon. Come on down and hear your favorite tunes played in a completely new way with lots of special guests and cross band pollination expected. Prizes, free posters distributed at the end of the show and plenty of bluegrass shenanigans for all. This is a great opportunity to hear some of your favorite bands play new but familiar material as well as get a taste of some great bands you may not have seen yet. The Britgrass Invasion is like bluegrass – cover band – dance party – hootenanny – festival all wrapped up in a single night at Slim’s. COME AND GET IT.

britgrass handbill final.jpg

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